I am Assistant Professor in the stochastics group at the University of Mannheim, where I am studying random networks motivated from biology and materials science via techniques from topological data analysis and stochastic geometry.

Before that, I was Postdoc at the spatial statistics group at Aalborg University, at the probability group of the LMU Munich and member of the Leibniz Group on probabilistic methods for mobile ad-hoc networks. I received my PhD from the Institute of Stochastics at Ulm University under the supervision of Volker Schmidt.

My research interests are

  • statistical modeling and analysis of networks in materials science
  • limit theorems in topological data analysis
  • random networks in statistical physics
  • interplay between dynamical systems and probability

PhD position

I am looking for an enthusiastic PhD student working with me on topics related to topological data analysis, data science, stochastic geometry and percolation, possibly with applications to materials science. Feel free to contact me if you want to know more. Starting date is January 2020 or later.